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About the Author

The writer of this report was educated in Britain where he worked until deciding to move to the east to permit him to study history and religions in the Orient.

The author has always had a keen interest in history, archaeology and religion. He had travelled widely, including to India, Israel, Palestine, Italy, Greece, Thailand and lived for five years in Turkey where he has toured extensively.

After studying church architecture and art in Istanbul he became progressively more convinced that Constantine perverted the real message of Christianity to suit his political aims. But more importantly the older religions may have persisted for centuries and this report represents the result of many years of research by the author to support this theory.

He is also qualified in engineering, with an interest in geometry and is a Worshipful Master of a Surrey Craft Lodge, Royal Arch Principal and officer in Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges.



History and the First Church

Constantine and the Church

The Bible and the Early Church

Archaeology and the Early Church


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